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Mea Lapis

Stone, marble and slate come together for a unique design destined for greatness. This dynamic mixing of high-performance textures put creativity at the heart of architectural planning with true aesthetic impact.

Style: Stone, Concrete

Material: Porcelain

Use: Indoor, Outdoor, Large Format


Mea Lapis Avorio

Mea Lapis


Mea Lapis Sabbia

Mea Lapis


Mea Lapis Grigio Chiaro

Mea Lapis

Grigio Chiaro

Mea Lapis Grigio Scuro

Mea Lapis

Grigio Scuro

Mea Lapis Nero

Mea Lapis


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We work closely with world-renowned brands of premium quality tiles. Our extensive relationships mean we have one of the widest selection of porcelain tiles at our fingertips to help you craft your project. Matched only in our quality of personal service we pride ourselves on.

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