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Cerim by Florim porcelain stoneware surfaces are designed to give any residential or commercial environment style and personality. Much like the Timeless collection, Exalt of Cerim provides a majestic marble look but with a contemporary edge. This gives bathrooms a calming, luxurious, updated feel.

Higher and higher performance materials, new sizes, new thickness options and different surfaces make Cerim the right answer even for medium and low traffic commercial applications. Versatile, dynamic, fresh, Cerim products free your creativity to give shape to a variety of spaces with the ‘Made in Florim’ guarantee.

Thanks to our unrivalled and extensive partnerships we are able to import porcelain tiles from leading brands like Florim quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Cerim by Florim have collections that are suitable for outdoor use. Using the same premium tile collection throughout living spaces creates a seamless indoor-outdoor living aesthetic. A highly popular trend for flexible contemporary living.

All of the collection’s chromatic variations are offered both in 10 mm thickness (in 30×60, 60×60 and 60×120 cm formats) and 6 mm (in the Magnum 60×120, 120×120 and 120×240 cm formats), in Natural R10 and Glossy finishes. The range is enhanced with an additional thickness of 20 mm for outdoor use, available in the White Gold and Celtic Grey variations in Bush-hammered R10 finish (in the 60×60 and 60×120 cm formats). Our team is on hand to help you source the right tile and size for your project.

Rectified tiles are porcelain or ceramic tiles that have been precisely ground and cut to the exact same size so their edges are even and equal. Non-rectified tiles maintain the natural edges from the press and so are slightly more distorted. A floor consisting of rectified tiles will have an almost seamless surface.

Matching the grout colour with the primary colour of the tile is highly recommended. However, lighter or darker grouts can be used to create visually striking patterns. Collins White stocks a wide range of grout colours to cover all design requirements.

The most suitable type of tile for a wet room is porcelain. It’s water resistant, durable and easy to clean. Large format porcelain tiles are an excellent choice from a design perspective, offering a sleek contemporary look. Anti-slip properties are present on a large number of collections.

Porcelain tiles have a much longer average lifespan than ceramic tiles. High-quality porcelain tiles, if properly installed and well maintained, should last a lifetime. Collins White sources only the finest tiles from the most reputable manufacturers in the world, so longevity is guaranteed.

One of the biggest advantages of porcelain tiles is how easy it is to clean them. First of all, use a brush or vacuum to make sure the surface is clear of any debris. Once all the dirt has been removed, soak a non-abrasive mop or sponge in warm water and a mild soap and slowly wipe the surface area. Then thoroughly rinse the surface with clean, warm water to neutralise the action of the soap or detergent, removing any excess build-up. Leave to air dry. To keep your tiles in pristine condition, it’s a good idea to do this at least every couple of weeks.

Slip resistance is a hugely important safety consideration when choosing tiles. Smooth, polished porcelain tiles may on the surface appear slippy, but a large number of collections do come with non-slip technology that ensure maximum grip. This is vital in areas where they could be exposed to moisture.

Orders can be delivered to anywhere in the UK. Whilst our Showroom is situated in the North-West of England we work on projects throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on our service expertise and ensure prompt delivery of samples and orders to meet project deadlines.

Our showroom is open Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm; Saturday, 9am – 2pm. Experienced members of staff are on site to offer expert advice as guests take in the comprehensive tile galleries and wide range of samples. Architects and Designers are welcome to host private client meetings both within opening hours as well as out of hours to accommodate client requirements.

Collins White excels in offering clients a bespoke tile service where specialist porcelain tiles can be sourced from our suppliers in order to fit the most unique of briefs. We can meet with clients on site, or in our showroom, to present samples and offer design advice where we will recommend colours, styles and finishes.

We work with a number of prestigious Architects and Designers as well as house-builders and developers on a wide variety of aspirational residential and commercial projects. Our clients work on projects throughout the UK and we pride ourselves on our expertise in supporting even the most demanding of briefs.

Collins White imports tiles from a number of prestigious factories across Europe. Our main suppliers are located in Italy and Spain, two of the major tile producers in the world. We only import the finest porcelain and ceramic tiles, and place huge emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with these highly reputable suppliers.

Italians have been leaders in the art of tile making for decades. Manufacturers invest a lot of time and money into the research, design and production of porcelain tiles. This doesn’t only result in products of the highest quality, it guarantees the latest on-trend styles. Italian firms are also firmly committed to embracing sustainability by using eco-friendly processes and recyclable materials.

The majority of suppliers we source our tiles from offer wood-effect collections. Atlas Concorde (Heartwood), Florim (Planches de Rex), Isla (Gems), Margres (Jungle) and Pamesa (Bosque) are just some of the wood-effect porcelain tiles we feature on the website. All these collections are of the highest quality, so our recommendation would depend on project suitability. The Collins White team will happily discuss any design ideas with architects, designers or clients, and offer advice where required.

We source our tiles from the best manufacturers across Europe. Suppliers such as Atlas Concorde, Florim, Museum, Edimax and Ceracasa have stellar reputations because of high-quality products and premium service. We are always looking to expand our coverage and work with new suppliers, but quality will come before quantity.

Premium Italian tile manufacturer Museum is renowned for elegance and sophistication as well as a forward-looking philosophy. Their stunning Supreme White collection brings marble majesty to the fore, uniting stylish elegance with strong design appeal. Their Deep and Laurent collections provide a striking black contrast for those desiring a darker look.

Florim Rex is one of the world’s most glamorous brands, delivering stunning marble-effect collections inspired by the most precious minerals in nature. Reves de Rex, Les Bijoux de Rex, Etoile de Rex and Prexious of Rex thrive on producing tiles full of luxurious elegance and artistic allure.

Wood-effect porcelain tiles offer all the benefits of hardwood flooring but without the hassle. They are scratch-resistant, don’t require sanding, and will not suffer water damage. Atlas Concorde has a number of wood-look collections, such as Nash, Exence and Heartwood, that combine the warmth and natural character of wood with the performance of high-quality ceramics.

From the industrialised concrete-look floor to the trendy troweled-resin look: Atlas Concorde porcelain tiles realistically reinterpret the original material through warm expressiveness. Atlas Concorde’s Boost and Boost Pro are two stand-out collections that deliver the metropolitan look, with sophisticated elegance, across a palette featuring grey, white, ivory and taupe.

Porcelain tiles are not waterproof, they are water resistant. They go through a different heating process to ceramic tiles, which makes them denser and a lot less porous. Porcelain tiles actually absorb less than 0.5% of water, making them the perfect choice for outdoor areas or bathrooms and kitchens.

For years Atlas Concorde has been committed to energy-saving and waste-reduction programs to reduce their environmental impact and to ensure the safety and well-being of workers. Their plant in Fiorano Modenese is fully automated and digitised, and is equipped with sophisticated eco-sustainable systems for power generation and water recovery. All production waste is reused, helping to reduce the impact on the environment to a minimum.

Marble-look porcelain tiles replicate a material that has been at the centre of art and architecture for centuries. Atlas Concorde boasts a variety of floor and wall coverings that expertly deliver this sought-after look. Marvel Stone, Dream, Edge and Shine collections are all exemplary tributes to majestic Italian marble, offering a range of styles, colours and finishes through modern lines and original combinations.

Porcelain tiles come in a variety of different styles, colours and sizes. While some porcelain tiles are considerably thinner than others, this does not mean they are lower in quality, they just have different uses. Alternative manufacturing processes can have an effect on the quality of a tile with the biggest companies in the world spending millions on research, design and production.

Technically any type of tile can be used outside. However, porcelain is the perfect choice for a number of reasons. For large residential or commercial developments where there is going to be a high volume of foot traffic, the toughness of porcelain gives it the edge over materials like ceramic. As porcelain tiles are moisture-resistant, they are less likely to suffer water damage and are not prone to cracking in cold temperatures. They are also stain-proof and easy to clean. For external settings it’s best to choose tiles with either matte or anti-skid finishes to avoid potential slips.

Florim boasts a wide range of outdoor tiles perfect for a variety of public and private settings. The stone-effect La Roche di Rex collection comes in blanc, gray, ecru and mud shades; neutral tones befitting outdoor environments. Rock Salt’s porcelain tiles offer refined external elegance, while the Planches de Rex collection revolves around a stunning porcelain interpretation of wood that transforms any outdoor setting with stylish practicality.

Florim specialises in large format tiles. Perfect for spaces that require big areas covering, large porcelain tiles are a hugely popular choice for residential and commercial developments. Florim boasts a number of collections ranging in size from 60x60cm to 160x320cm with a number of styles and textures suitable for floors and walls, and indoor and outdoor areas.

Florim obtained its B Corp certification following a long and demanding verification process. The term “B Corp” identifies businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability in order to improve their positive impact on employees, the local community, and the environment.

Italian firm Florim is one of the most respected tile manufacturers in the world. Having produced only the finest porcelain tiles for more than five decades, their highly-regarded brands, which include Rex, Cerim and Casa Del Dolce, adorn prestigious buildings and homes across the globe. Florim collections are the epitome of technical quality, attention to detail, style and innovation.

The hard-wearing nature of porcelain tiles enables them to withstand considerable pressure over a long period of time. They are denser, stronger, and less porous than ceramic tiles, making them a far more practical solution for flooring. Porcelain tiles also come in a wide range of stunning styles, finishes and sizes so are suitable for all project types.

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are made from clay that is shaped and then placed in a kiln. Porcelain tiles are fired at higher temperatures than ceramic, which helps to make them denser. They’re more hard-wearing, absorb less water and are also stain-resistant. It’s this durability that makes them the perfect choice for high-footfall areas in residential properties or large commercial developments.