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Porcelain tiles the premium choice for dream projects

If you’ve ever set foot, or eyes, on a porcelain tile you’ll know exactly what we mean.
That luxurious elegance is why porcelain tiles can be found adorning some of the world’s finest buildings.
And yet its strength is not just in its beauty, but in its, well, strength.
Porcelain tiles are tough. And we mean thousands of footsteps a day tough.

Porcelain tiles are made from a very fine, specific type of clay, kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures to give them dense, less porous characteristics. With origins stretching back centuries to China, porcelain has always been a valuable material associated with opulence and prestige. Today, timeless porcelain designs are found in buildings the world over as the tile’s popularity continues to soar.

The hard-wearing, durable nature of porcelain tiles make them an ideal choice for high-pressure, high-footfall areas across residential properties and large commercial developments.

And there’s no sacrificing flair for functionality.

Rugged on the inside it may be, but porcelain’s smooth, polished and stain resistant surface offers style and sophistication in abundance.

It’s these outstanding, premium features that set porcelain tiles apart from their more brittle ceramic counterparts.
Ceramic tiles are softer, less durable, and tend to be more commonly seen in cost-effective projects, while architects and designers aspiring for the highest quality opt for porcelain.
If you’re working on an outdoor area, then there really is no competition.
The fact ceramic tiles can be prone to crack in cold weather, coupled with porcelain’s superb level of stain and weather resistance, means an increasing number of people are choosing porcelain for exterior settings. That low water absorption rate also makes them the ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

The material may be centuries old, but incredible advancements in manufacturing are still being made.
Large format porcelain tiles are becoming the go-to choice for many architects, designers and builders who are utilising striking, seamless designs to open up new and revolutionary construction prospects.
Its growing versatility makes it the premium option for all manner of spaces indoor and out; from living rooms and bathrooms, to kitchen and gardens.

Collins White works with the finest porcelain tile manufacturers across Europe.
Not only does this afford us access to the latest designs and trends, it also guarantees the utmost quality.
Our passionate team lives and breathes these products.
They’ll happily help guide you through the huge range of colours, shapes, size and finishes; and if you’re still struggling for inspiration will source samples until you’re confident you’ve found the perfect match.
Premium tiles are nothing without premium service.