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All Collins White suppliers place premium craftsmanship and outstanding service above all else.


Stylish elegance meets strong personality in Museum’s marble masterpiece. The bluish-grey surface veins offer a striking contrast against sparkling white backgrounds.



Wood-effect porcelain tiles with a natural and modern twist. The Nash collection is perfect for those wanting intense originality.



Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, Atlas Concorde’s Norde tiles stand out for their strong realism and versatile finishes.


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Our rich and varied network of world-renowned suppliers ensure the collections we house are not only of the highest quality, but extensive in their scope. Every tile found in the Collins White inventory has been hand-picked with architects and designers in mind.

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Collins White specialises in sourcing tiles for a wide range of premium, commercial and residential projects.

Our extensive and well-established connections across leading European factories gives us access to the largest porcelain and ceramic tile collections available. From timeless classics through to the latest trends.
We also provide a tailor-made consulting service to ensure our clients’ needs are always met.

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Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions. The team are also on hand to help answer any more specific queries to help your project.

Collins White imports tiles from a number of prestigious factories across Europe. Our main suppliers are located in Italy and Spain, two of the major tile producers in the world. We only import the finest porcelain and ceramic tiles, and place huge emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with these highly reputable suppliers.

Italians have been leaders in the art of tile making for decades. Manufacturers invest a lot of time and money into the research, design and production of porcelain tiles. This doesn’t only result in products of the highest quality, it guarantees the latest on-trend styles. Italian firms are also firmly committed to embracing sustainability by using eco-friendly processes and recyclable materials.

The majority of suppliers we source our tiles from offer wood-effect collections. Atlas Concorde (Heartwood), Florim (Planches de Rex), Isla (Gems), Margres (Jungle) and Pamesa (Bosque) are just some of the wood-effect porcelain tiles we feature on the website. All these collections are of the highest quality, so our recommendation would depend on project suitability. The Collins White team will happily discuss any design ideas with architects, designers or clients, and offer advice where required.

We source our tiles from the best manufacturers across Europe. Suppliers such as Atlas Concorde, Florim, Museum, Edimax and Ceracasa have stellar reputations because of high-quality products and premium service. We are always looking to expand our coverage and work with new suppliers, but quality will come before quantity.

Premium Italian tile manufacturer Museum is renowned for elegance and sophistication as well as a forward-looking philosophy. Their stunning Supreme White collection brings marble majesty to the fore, uniting stylish elegance with strong design appeal. Their Deep and Laurent collections provide a striking black contrast for those desiring a darker look.

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