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Atlas Concorde

Internationally renowned designers. Atlas Concorde’s innovative and prestigious tile collections put style and elegance front and centre.

Premium Italian excellence, backed by decades of experience, courses through each captivating collection where stylish creations reflect the skillful artistry applied.

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Concrete redefined. Industrial style energised for sophisticated elegance, Boost’s warm expressiveness rewards architectural space with a metropolitan look that abandons simplicity.



Multiple oxidised colours for metal-effect masterpieces. The perfect blend of aesthetic refinement, performance and functionality.


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Atlas Concorde designers work night and day pursuing the highest quality creations. And their state-of-the-art ‘Design Lab’ ensures ever-evolving originality.


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If you’re still struggling to find that perfect design, let us help.

Collins White specialises in sourcing tiles for a wide range of premium, commercial and residential projects.

Our extensive and well-established connections across leading European factories gives us access to the largest porcelain and ceramic tile collections available. From timeless classics through to the latest trends.

We also provide a tailor-made consulting service to ensure our clients’ needs are always met.

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